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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


Grampian Police


Aberdeen City Police

W/man Joseph Collie

Died 26 October 1835

Blown into the dock and drowned while on duty on a stormy night.

PC William Balfour Urquhart

Died 22 March 1904, aged 49

Collapsed and died whilst struggling with a youth for causing mischief.

PC George Craib

Died 22 August 1915, aged 40

Fatally injured in a fall after taking an injured girl to hospital.

PC Andrew Matthew

Died 26 January 1939, aged 49

Killed in a road traffic accident while cycling home after duty.

Aberdeenshire Constabulary

PC Alexander Castle

Died 6 September 1937, aged 27

Fatally injured in a road accident while on motorcycle patrol.

Elginshire Constabulary

PC James Fraser

Died 19 July 1878, aged 39

Fatally stabbed attempting to arrest an armed and deranged suspect.

Scottish North-Eastern Counties Constabulary

PC Alexander Ross

Died 6 May 1952, aged 35

Killed in a head on collision with a van while on motorcycle patrol.

PC James McHardy

Died 20 August 1972, aged 37

Killed with others when his police car was hit head-on by another car.

PC Leslie Sinclair

Died 24 August 1972, aged 42

Fatally injured with others when his police car was hit by another car.

Grampian Police

Sgt Alan Ewen Gordon

Died 10 August 1977, aged 38

Fatally injured attempting to stop a suspect car driven by a drunk driver.

ADS Patrick Burns

Died 10 December 1985, aged 38

DC David Ellis

Died 10 December 1985, aged 30

Killed together in a police car accident in icy road conditions at Aberdeen.

PC Mark Gordon Davey

Died 29 August 1995, aged 28

Fatally injured while observer in a traffic patrol car, which crashed at Elgin. 

PC John Alcock

Died 14 October 2017, aged 54

Died as a result of injuries received in a police vehicle collision in 2003.


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