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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty ~ Lest we Forget


Derbyshire Constabulary

and the former constituent forces of
Parish of Melbourne, Derby Borough Police,
Derby County and Borough Constabulary.


Parish of Melbourne

Par/Con William Taylor

Died 28 May 1828, aged 51

Fatally beaten about the head while arresting two drunken men.

Derby Borough Police

PC Joseph Moss

Died 13 July 1879, aged 26

Shot and fatally wounded booking in a prisoner at the police station.

SC Evan Jenkin Evans

Died 23 December 1963, aged 59

Died as a result of injuries received when on point duty at night.

Derby County and Borough Constabulary

Sgt Ellis Aled Lloyd

Died 20 February 1970, aged 46

Killed when his patrol car crashed responding to an emergency call.

Derbyshire Constabulary

Sgt James Radford

Died 24 January 1885, aged 39

While bringing in a prisoner's horse he was thrown and fatally injured.

PC George Bennett

Died 4 August 1894, aged 34

Accidentally knocked down and killed by a train while on patrol.

PC Arthur Wright

Died 27 March 1911, aged 35

Drowned attempting to rescue a girl although a non-swimmer himself.

Sgt John Duncan

Died 12 September 1912, aged 42

Fatally injured when he his cycle collided with a constable at night.

Sgt Arthur Marriott

Died 26 December 1930, aged 51

Fatally injured alighting from a bus when his cape caught in the door.

PC Terence Frederick Mickleburgh

Died 7 December 1976, aged 37

PC Geoffrey John Rowland

Died 7 December 1976, aged 25

Sgt Melvyn Kenway Scott

Died 23 July 1977, aged 32

Fatally injured when their police driving school car was in collision with a lorry.

PC Mark Jeffrey Wilkinson

Died 24 September 1988, aged 20

Killed in a road traffic accident while reporting for night duty.

PC Steven Michael Sharman

Died 18 March 1990, aged 36

Collapsed and died in attendance at the scene of a road traffic accident.

DC Gary Robert Freeman

Died 19 August 1994, aged 36

DC Anthony Peter Thornley

Died 19 August 1994, aged 31

Killed while on CID Duties when their vehicle was in collision with a lorry.

PC John Richard Fitton

Died 20 May 1997, aged 53

Fatally injured when hit by a vehicle while cycling home from work.

PC Timothy John Kent

Died 20 September 2001, aged 36

Killed when hit by a lorry after his car broke down on his way to work.

PC Bruce Stevenson

Died 7 January 2013, aged 47

Collapsed and died whilst on duty at Cotton Lane police station in Derby.


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