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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

and the former constituent forces of

Edinburgshire Constabulary, Roxburgshire Constabulary
Leith Burgh Police
, East Lothian Constabulary, Hawick Burgh Police, Edinburgh City Police,
Lothian and Peebles Constabulary, and
 Berwick, Roxburgh and Selkirk Constabulary.


Edinburgshire Constabulary

PC Richard Pace

Died 1 March 1846

Fatally beaten by a mob who freed a prisoner from the police station.

Roxburgshire Constabulary

PC Robert Gourlay

Died 21 December 1876, aged 30

Died from disease caused by injuries received in the execution of his duty.

Leith Burgh Police

Det/Off Harry Bromley Pitman

Died 6 May 1880, aged 38

Fatally injured in a fall from his horse while on mounted patrol.

PC David McDonald

Died 20 June 1882, aged 26

Fatally stabbed by a man he had warned regarding his conduct.

PC James McLean

Died 2 December 1894, aged 24

Drowned in Edinburgh Dock when he fell in while on night patrol.

PC James Harte

Died 4 April 1900, aged 38

Collapsed and died while arresting a man for a breach of the peace.

East Lothian Constabulary

Insp John Scott

Died 27 August 1906, aged 53

While patrolling the line at Dunbar he was struck by a train and killed.

Hawick Burgh Police

PC William George McKelvie

Died 20 July 1906, aged 34

Fatally injured when violently assaulted arresting a drunken man.

Edinburgh City Police

W/man Dugald Campbell

Died 1 January 1812

Fatally injured when bludgeoned during rioting by gangs of youths.

PC William Ford

Died 22 April 1840

Died from head injuries received on 17 March when assaulted by three men.

PC Charles Angus

Died 6 June 1858, aged 24

Fatally stabbed while arresting a deranged man armed with a knife.

PC Thomas Mutch

Died 1 December 1868, aged 29

Received fatal head injuries when bludgeoned during an arrest.

PC George Low

Died 14 March 1881, aged 22

Beaten and stabbed to death by two suspects he was questioning.

Det/Off Thomas Rothnie

Died 14 December 1912, aged 42

Fell from a train at Gretna travelling to London to collect a prisoner.

ACC Robert Chisholm Thomson MBE

Died 16 July 1940, aged 38

Fatally wounded when a drunk soldier shot at his police car in the blackout.

PC Henry Ferrier

Died 1 October 1950, aged 40

Killed when his police patrol car overturned due to a burst tyre.

PC James McArthur Anderson

Died 1 May 1955, aged 41

Killed when the police car he was driving in the early hours crashed.

PC John Mitchell Clark

Died 20 October 1968, aged 45

Found dead on his beat with head injuries apparently having fallen.

Lothian and Peebles Constabulary

PC James Brown

Died 7 February 1962, aged 30

Killed when his police motorcycle accidentally collided with a wagon.

PC John McKenzie

Died 16 January 1964, aged 28

Fatally injured while observer in a police mini van which crashed.

Berwick, Roxburgh and Selkirk Constabulary

PC James Davidson

Died 15 April 1967, aged 35

Killed in a police car accident while on prisoner escort duty to Glasgow.

Sgt George Thomas Hastie

Died 10 February 1971, aged 40

Collapsed and died while on duty in police headquarters at Hawick.

Lothian and Borders Police

PC Jack Michael Harvey

Died 5 December 1981, aged 36

Fatally injured when his police patrol car crashed into a wall.  

PC David Chalmers Adamson

Died 28 February 1983, aged 29

Killed in a road accident on route to collect urgent medical samples.

Sgt Robert Russell Lumsden

Died 8 August 1986, aged 53

Collapsed and died during a violent struggle with a man while on patrol.

PC Martin Joyce

Died 10 April 1990, aged 31

PC Ian Gray

Died 10 April 1990, aged 43

Both killed when their unmarked police car was in collision with a van.

PC Karen Balfour

Died 5 January 2006, aged 37

Killed when her car was in collision with a van while reporting for duty.

PC Alan McMurray

Died 4 February 2006, aged 39

Killed when struck by a passing van while assisting at an accident scene.

PC David Donald McPherson

Died 23 February 2011, aged 51

Died of a brain haemorrhage suffered while returning home from duty.

PC Stephen George Cully

Died 9 September 2011, aged 41

Collapsed and died of heart failure on a course at Tulliallan Police College.


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