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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary


 and the former constituent force of Dumfries Burgh police


Dumfries Burgh police

PC Robert Martin Broadfoot

Died 18 October 1913, aged 30

Collapsed and died of heart failure while on his beat late at night.

Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary

Sgt William Gibson

Died 22 May 1951, aged 44

Shot dead when he approached an armed suspect in the street.

Posthumously awarded the King's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

Insp John Rutherford Watson

Died 13 February 1967, aged 50

Collapsed and died while on supervisory patrol in Thornhill.

Cadet Michael John Hall

Died 7 November 1978, aged 16

WPC Isabella Janet G. Harris

Died 7 November 1978, aged 27

PC Gerard Vincent Hogg

Died 7 November 1978, aged 28

Killed with others when their traffic patrol car collided with two lorries.

PC Kenneth Andrew Brodie

Died 8 January 1997, aged 34 

Killed in a multiple road traffic accident while on mobile patrol near Mennock.


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