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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

and the former constituent forces of
Chester, Chester City Police and Congleton Borough Police



Officer John Parry

Died December 1788

Killed when executing a warrant on a man for assaulting his wife.

Chester City Police

PC Joseph Darlington

Died 11 September 1891, aged 36

Collapsed and died chasing youths who were causing a nuisance.

Congleton Borough Police

PC Charles Alfred Cartledge

Died 23 January 1894, aged 49

Fatally bludgeoned when he intervened in a disturbance off duty.

Cheshire Constabulary

PC James Green

Died 24 February 1873, aged 36

Found beaten and stabbed in the canal after going missing on duty.

PC John Miller

Died 24 July 1885, aged 46

Fatally injured when run down by a horse while on duty at local races.

PC James Davies

Died 17 December 1887, aged 44

Found drowned on his beat at night in suspicious circumstances.

PC Henry Williamson

Died 10 November 1897, aged 49

Died from an injury sustained when he fell while chasing a suspect.

PC Alfred Kerns

Died 7 March 1900, aged 42

Died of a fractured skull sustained during a struggle with two men.

PC John Edward Edmonds

Died 26 February 1909, aged 38

Died from injuries sustained in a fall off a wall while checking premises.

PC Frank Marshall

Died 8 April 1941, aged 24

Killed by a high explosive bomb during an enemy air raid on Crewe.

Sgt Charles Hector Brown

Died 14 January 1958

Killed in a road accident seconded to the British Police Unit in Cyprus.

PC Anthony Wood

Died 19 February 1967, aged 28

Killed when his patrol car crashed responding to an emergency call.

PC Gwynfryn B. Williams

Died 3 September 1967, aged 32

Fatally injured when his police dog van crashed on an emergency call.

PC Michael Adrian Sheppard

Died 13 April 1969, aged 22

Killed while observer in a police car, which crashed at Hoylake.

PC Frank Taylor

Died 29 August 1975, aged 44

Killed in a road traffic accident while on police motorcycle duty at Penketh.

PC Graham Simmonds

Died 26 February 1977, aged 26

Killed in a motorcycle accident.

Sgt Alan Robert Wyman

Died 5 February 1986, aged 30

Fatally injured in a road accident driving to assist in a vehicle pursuit.

D/Sgt Neil Ross Gibson

Died 7 January 1989, aged 32

Fatally injured in a traffic accident while on a crime squad attachment.

PC Nigel Anthony Heathcote

Died May 1999, aged 30

Killed when his crime car crashed responding to an emergency call.

DC Stuart George Cookson

Died 2 November 1999, aged 45

Collapsed and died whilst on duty at Widnes Police Station.

PC Robert Graham

Died 13 February 2001, aged 56

Killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling home from day duty.

PC Mark Leach

Died 19 July 2004, aged 38

Killed in a motorcycle accident returning home from night duty.

PC Jonathan Richard Speakman

Died 29 January 2005, aged 33

Drowned on holiday in Australia after rescuing a child swept out to sea.

PC Kevin Brian Brinkman

Died 29 March 2005, aged 33

Killed in a road accident seconded to the Asian Tsunami disaster area.


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